Airbrush Art | What Is The Best Makeup Airbrush Kit For Beginners?

I’m gonna talk a little bit about whether or not it’s worth spending the big dollars on a name brand air brush or can you just buy a cheap air brush and do the same thing airbrush kit, all that coming up right now so I’ve just gone ahead and picked three air brushes too from the award a family and one no name cheap brand to showcase so let’s start right at the top the um water CMC, plus micron, I’m just gonna give you a basic price for today in Australian dollars obviously these prices are going to vary depending on where you purchase these from but this one here is approximately 750 Australian dollars then moving on to the eclipse, so this is the hpc se water eclipse this one’s around the two forty to two fifty Australian dollars and then we have the no name just the real cheap air brush that you’ve probably seen a lot on Amazon, I’ve also done a few airbrush paint.Videos on it, and this one is between twenty to thirty Australian dollars so focusing on the most expensive model to start with which is the micron, so this air brush has a 0.23 mil needle nozzle setup, it also has a Mac valve on the bottom here so that allows you to over thin your paint and you can wind it in to reduce the pressure coming out of the air brush and it doesn’t change the pressure from the compressor so you’re only adjusting it within the front of this air brush, allowing you to get even finer detail, so what are the benefits of spending so much more on an air brush. Well, it makes doing your tasks, nice and easy, you can get really fine detail out of the micron which you’d want to hope when you’re spending that much money on an air brush but essentially it still comes down to the operator.MHM.So if you’re new to air brushing and this is what I recommend to a lot of my students is that you’re probably not going to get the performance straight out of the BAT with one of the microns I suppose it’s almost like hopping into a formula one car when you’ve only ever driven standard road car.So if you wanting to do part work sort of like this, you know where there’s a lot more detail in the work you’re working on, say automotive substrates or aluminium composite panel like what I just showed you with the frankenstein or you want to do things like these eyelashes, these are all done using the micron CMS be actually the side feed version and they were done freehand, then you know the micron might be for you and you may want to spend the extra dollars now let’s take a look at the midrange a watery clips, the hpc’s this one has a 0.35 mil needle nozzle setup, and this guy is in my opinion, one of the most underrated.Brushes in the award family, it allows for real broad spray, but you can also get extremely fine detail.It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the micron has. So once you get used to this guy and you get your paint mix, right.And your air pressure settings and everything, this will be just a great all round brush.And for the price you just can’t go wrong.The eclipse will also give you quick coverage.And as I’ve just shown you nice fine detail, if you need it as well as I mentioned, this is an all round brush can be used for automotive finer detail work as well once it’s dialed in with the paint and PS I ratio, but if you’re just starting out with the air brush and you’re not sure what to get this is always my goto, and lastly take a look at the cheaper brush, this also has a point three five mil needle nozzle setup, this one in particular has a smaller cup, but like I said, you’ll find these on the Internet in all different variations now being the cheapest it’ll still work for you, as in you can still shave from a distance, you can still get some sort of detail out of it.Get some lines, it is still a double action brush and keep in mind that all the ones that I’ve shown you today have been double action.But if you’re a absolute beginner.This may take a little bit of practice to be able to make it perform like this to keep in mind I’ve been air brushing for more than twenty years I can use a brush that is not performing at 100% and still pull out some sort of a line or you know keep some sort of consistency with a stroke.You can say it.Probably tip drawing a little bit now, but the biggest thing is you can really feel the lack of quality and something like this, however, that said still does have a purpose and in my opinion, something like this is still better for someone to purchase have a go at air brushing if they just need it for blocking in a background or if they want to just undercoat some miniatures, something simple like that or base upper R C model, then this may do you know you could still do basic blends, but over time I don’t know how long it’s gonna last whether or not you can use solvents through it all that sort of stuff, so if you are serious about air brushing then I’d probably look at going up to something like the eclipse or even in the award a family there is also something like this which is the revolution, so this one here is the point, five version you can now get the hpc are in a point three which is cool, so these are a great brush too, and I think at the moment, these are around.The 200 Marks about fifty dollars Australian cheaper than the eclipse, so all in all like going through and showing you a few basic tests using all three of these brushes, you know why would you spend more versus less well I think it just comes down to what essentially you want to do with the air brush, if you’ve been air brushing for quite some time and you’ve got your basic double action control dialed in and you want to step your air brushing up a little bit and go to that next level and be able to achieve finer detail easier, then the micron you know something like this would be perfect for you, so if you’re just starting out you’ve just finished maybe a introductory air brushing course and you want to get into it, you want to do stuff like all round air brushing canvases you want to do some fine detail work, but you need that broad spray as well, then I’d recommend to go for the eclipse and that’s going to be a brush that’ll stay in your Arsenal for years and years to come on the other hand if you are just absolute.New to air brushing and you’re probably not going to take a course, you just want to use it for some backgrounds, maybe under coding miniatures, just doing real real basic shading, not so much detailed work well then something like this will get you up and going and then you can always decide to upgrade or take a class and take it more seriously later, but at least it’s going to get you into air brushing after all that’s a win in itself, so at least you can give it a go see if you like it, and then even if you don’t like it 2030 bucks it’s not the end of the world, however if you do like it, then you may wish to upgrade to one of these other models so another thing that I just want to go over is that the air brushes that are focused on today were predominantly from the um water range, obviously there are many, many amazing air brushing brands a water is not the only one so have a look around the other tip that I suggest to all my students is pick up the air brush, if you can and hold it in your hand, make sure that it’s comfortable, you may prefer a siphon feed versus of gravity.