Airbrush Kits | How To Airbrush A Model For The Complete Beginner?

We’re finding the best air brush airbrush paint, many family, welcome to the last installment of recommendation november as I said in the introduction, today, we’re looking at air brushes, but more specifically we’re looking at the air brush that is going to be the best daily driver for you that’s going to accomplish the […]

Airbrush Art | What Is The Best Makeup Airbrush Kit For Beginners?

I’m gonna talk a little bit about whether or not it’s worth spending the big dollars on a name brand air brush or can you just buy a cheap air brush and do the same thing airbrush kit, all that coming up right now so I’ve just gone ahead and picked three air brushes too […]

Airbrush Kits | Do I Need To Buy An Expensive Airbrush

I’m going to focus on the basics iwata airbrush, so this is going to be a very very simple introduction to air brushing a few things that you really need to know let’s get into it right now okay so before I take you through a few basic exercises, the first real thing that you […]