A limited stay permit visa specifically for foreigners, foreign families and foreigners who are married to Indonesian citizens. This visa is used to stay in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia within the period determined by the immigration authorities according to the valid permit.

VITAS Applicant Category

  • Foreigners who work for investment in Indonesia;
  • Foreigners who work as an expert;
  • Foreigners who perform their duties as a clergy;
  • Foreigners who attend education and training events;
  • Foreigners who conduct scientific research activities;
  • Foreigners who join husband or wife who hold limited stay permit;
  • A foreigner child who joins his/her father and/or his/her mother who has a family relationship with the father and/or the mother of an Indonesia citizen;
  • A foreigner child with the age of under 18 and has not yet married who joins his/her father and/or his/her mother who hold a limited stay permit or permanent stay permit;
  • Foreigners who have been Indonesia citizens;
  • Senior foreign tourist from abroad.​

General Requirements of VITAS

  • Passport or other valid travel documents;
  • A returned ticket to the country of origin or a ticket to continue a destination country according to the type of requested visa;
  • A passport photo; and
  • A guarantee statement of the availability of living expenses while staying in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.